We Up Re Up is an international and multidisciplinary artist-led coalition rejecting exploitation that supports and fosters creative performances in non-traditional settings while promoting artistic and career sustainability around the globe.
Bringing to the table a modern take to the practice of the arts, We Up Re Up aims to generate a community of creators and industry actors that see a future of the arts world through equity.

WE UP RE UP  is the sister organization attached to WE INSIST. WE INSIST is a community based, artist lead, action organization whose primary goal is to stimulate discussion and contribute to finding solutions for the rampant inadequacies that are present in the various exponents of artistic expression within our global artistic community. 

The New String Quartet

Isaiah Collier 3 6 9


Blood Brothers

Marcus Elliot

The Process


MPT Trio

The Josh Evans Quintet

The J.D Allen Trio

Through live events and our official patreon portal, We deliver authentic and unique art directly to the people. 


For more information about events and membership to We Up Re Up, please visit the Patreon portal.




We Up Re Up has collaborated with many artists to provide concerts, masterclasses, seminars and presentations. The list below include some of the collaborators for these projects:


JD Allen

Guillermo Brown

Abraham Burton

Charlie Burnham

Rahshaan Carter

Gerald Cleaver

Jason Maximo Clotter

Isaiah Collier

Luques Curtis

Marcus Elliot

Orrin Evans

Howard “Kingfish” Franklin Jr.

Freddie Hendrix

Corcoran Holt

Élé Howell

Marika Hughes

Darius Jones

Sean Jones

Alexis Lombre

Brandon Lopez


Napoleon Maddox

Nduduzo Makhatini

Brandon McCune

Francisco Mela

Nicole Mitchell

Emilio Modeste

Jonathan Muir

Hery Paz

Jeff Parker

Eric Revis

Everett Reid

Antoine Roney

Kojo Roney

Marvin Sewell

Juanma Trujillo

Nasheet Waits

Joshua White

Bruce Williams

Anthony Wonsey

Quintin Zoto


We Up Re Up is committed to popularize education through mentorship. Through its extensive network, the collective is able to offer masterclasses, residencies, guest speaking and performances.


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